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The Overview of Cyber Security Landscape in Oman
The Overview of Cyber Security Landscape in Oman

You must be well aware that Oman is one of the best countries when it comes to cyber security. With the rapid advancement in technology over the past decade, the nation has been making tremendous efforts to ensure that the security and integrity of its systems are well protected.

According to a post from ITU, Oman is regarded as a country where organizations practice some of the best cyber security measures. The post further mentions that the country takes cyber security seriously and it conducts continuous audits and checks. …


The ransomware crisis has been growing in both intensity and frequency. Moreover, due to the greater number of countermeasures taken by authorities, threat actors have evolved their ransomware tactics.

However, we should know that all ransomware is not the same. Ransomware is not always the same. It has various types and we need to know them. Let’s discuss them in the next section.

Types of Ransomware

The basic categorization of ransomware can be done by differentiating it based on how it is being operated i.e if it’s being operated automatically or if it’s being handled with human intervention.

Based on this, we can…

A strategy to generate more revenue by increasing email marketing engagement rate and upgrading outbound email security

The United Arab Emirates is not new to adopting new technologies and adapting to the existing ones. In fact, the nation is the most technologically advanced country in the Middle East region.

According to Digital Nexa, as of 2020, there are 9.73 million active internet users in the UAE. That is almost 99% of the total population. Needless to say, if one is using the internet then they also have an email account too.

So what does this mean for organizations in the…

Ransomware Virus
Ransomware Virus

In the latest cyber incident, international insurance arm AXA Partners was affected by a ransomware virus. It is believed a cyber criminal group known as Avaddon is behind the ransomware attack.

As of now, AXA’s Asia Assistance Divisions which are located in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines have been infected with the ransomware virus.

What Happened?

A cyber criminal group Avaddon targeted four countries among the ones that operate as AXA partners. Moreover, the cyber criminal group has potentially accessed some data processed by Inter Partners Asia in Thailand. …

Cyber attack on healthcare service

Ireland’s health service was forced to shut down after being hit by a very advanced ransomware attack. According to an article by Reuters, this attack has led to the stalling of diagnostic services, disruption of Covid-19 testing, and cancellation of appointments.

The Irish Department of Health got cyber attacked on Thursday, while the Health Service Executive (HSE) was hit by the attack on Friday.

The Irish minister responsible for e-governance has claimed that this ransomware attack was the most significant cyber attack ever to take place against the country.

The article further reveals that Ireland’s vaccination programme was not directly…

Belnet, the Belgian internet provider, came under a large scale cyber attack on 4th May 2021. It hosts the websites of the country’s government, universities, scientific institutions and police.

The report published by EuroNews revealed that hackers launched a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This attack was intended to disrupt the internet availability of some online services. In a Volumetric DDoS attack like this one, this is done by overloading the servers with false data.

Data Breach: Gyrodata Targeted by a Ransomware Attack

Mining technology company Gyrodata witnessed a ransomware attack that has potentially leaked some personal information!

As ransomware attacks increase and expand in targeting organizations, another major technology firm became a victim of this attack vector. This time it is Gyrodata, a US-based company that provides technology and services to energy companies.

Illegal Access to The Systems

According to the report from Yahoo, Gyrodata has confirmed that they had suffered a ransomware attack that led to a possible data breach. The company learned as early as February 2021 that they are a possible target for a ransomware attack…

The authorities at the University of California and Stanford University have confirmed the news of a widespread ransomware attack that has targeted them.

The attack used a vulnerability in the third-party secure file transfer application Accellion. According to CBS, officials at the University of California have revealed that the attackers published online screenshots of personal information.

Further, it was reported that the medical school of Stanford University was targeted by this attack.

“Stanford University School of Medicine has learned that cyber criminals have claimed they have stolen some School of Medicine data as part of a cyber incident affecting a…

A malicious link known by the name WhatsApp Pink is being shared on WhatsApp group chats that claim it can change the theme of the chat to WhatsApp pink theme!


  • A message is circulating on several WhatsApp groups to install a pink version of WhatsApp
  • The message claims downloading the WhatsApp pink theme will change the default theme of the chat to pink and in addition, new features will be added
  • Clicking on the link allows the cyber criminals to completely take over the device
  • How to stay safe against such a virus

A new kind of virus is…

Cyber Security in the Middle East

Middle East Faces Surge in Cyber Crimes in 2021

In one of my blogs “The Impact of Cyber Crime on the Middle East Economy” I had discussed how cyber crimes in the Middle East are affecting the economic growth of the region. Well, a lot has changed since I wrote the blog, especially when it comes to the challenges of tackling cyber crimes.

According to the report from Consumers International, the biggest source of concern for 81% of internet users around the world is cyber crimes. This includes 76% of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) consumers.

The same report also mentioned that…

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